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My 10-year chef career has seen the inside of cafe, catering, fine dining and pop-up kitchens. I specialise in American-style baked goods and comfort fare including pies, cakes and the odd jell-o salad.


Visit the contact page to get in touch for catering rates and availability.


MA, History and Literature,

Columbia University. 

My academic research focuses on nationalism and assimilation culture. My MA research focused on 19th century narratives of domesticity in the US and the creation of an ideal American citizen. I conducted interdisciplinary and multi-lingual research for this project which influences the methodology behind my current research project, SOURCED


Following my tenure as history editor at travel start-up, Culture Trip, I transitioned to freelance writing. I currently take commissions for projects that relate to issues facing the hospitality industry, food history, and select chef profiles. I am also available for interviews on these subjects.


Visit the contact page to get in touch for rates and availability.

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